TRDC Distillery


Our distillery opened in 2016 and is Northeast Indiana’s first craft distillery since Prohibition, proudly located in Fort Wayne. The wheat and corn we use grows within 100 miles of our downtown distillery, and our city represents everything we’re about, a time-honored tradition with a twist of progressive spirit to keep things fresh. Entry to our distillery is strictly age 21 and over. Book a tour online!

Our distillery takes you to the heart of the distilling process. The beautiful column stills gleam in the lights as the stars of the show. The American White Oak Barrels line the walls with spirits aged to perfection. Smells of the new mashes fill the air. The consistent sound of new spirits being produce emanates from the stills. The distillery provides a unique experience for all senses.

Come see how our spirits are made. Experience the artistry that it takes to produce craft spirits. Meet the distillers and hear how they design the next award-winning spirit. Come experience Three Rivers Distilling Company!